Protecting Your Floors

There are going to be many debates as to how you can fix and protect your floors.  For many people, they really don’t think about their floors until they start to show their age after years of neglect.  No matter what type of floor you have be it carpet or laminate flooring in oxford al, you want to make sure that you protect your floors, so they last you many years.

Watch where you walk

Traffic areas and wear patterns are going to be your primary concern when it comes to protecting your floor.  The quality of the floor you have will determine how long it lasts and what punishment it can take.  If you are going to be in a high traffic area, you will want to consider having a higher quality of flooring.

Set eating and drinking policies

You don’t realize how bad your carpet can get from food and drink.  If you are in a room where you have a lot of messy eaters, you will want to put down some type of protective mat or run on the floor that will absorb the mess.  Once they are done eating you can go in and clean up after them.

Another good policy is to have people not eat in specific areas.  They should have a break room or they may need to eat in a specific part of the room.  No matter what you do, ensuring that food and drink are managed is a great way to stay clean.

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Put sliders on chairs and other furniture

When we push our chairs back from a table or if we drag something across the floor it can leave a scratch, scrape or gauge.  Over time these can start to wear away at the protective coating of the floor and make it vulnerable to damage.  If you put sliders on these chairs and protect the floor you can avoid these issues in the future.