Creating A Cool Outdoor Space

When we own a home we want to not only have a comfortable interior but we would like to have a space where we can enjoy the outside.  For many of us, going outside can be a challenge since we don’t have any place to sit, we have to deal with the weather and insects, don’t get me started with the insects.  At the end of the day however, we can get past all of this by creating an outdoor space that meets all our needs.

Protection from the elements

The first thing that we want to do is have a space that is both outside but will also protect us from the elements.  We can do this with screen enclosures in Pleasanton CA.  With a screen enclosure we can have a space that is both outside and in at the same time.

When we have a screened enclosure, we can get a nice breeze come in to the space we are sitting in as well as protect ourselves from rain and sun.  At night we can sit outside in comfort since the screen will protect us from bugs and insects that are out to ruin our nice evening.

The view

When creating your space consider your view.  You want to do some nice landscaping to create something that is both functional as well as visually appealing.  You want to create a focal point that can be seen from all angles as well as alternating features that span the entire yard.


screen enclosures in Pleasanton CA

You want to have nice subtle lighting as well.  At night you can sit with your lights off in the house and look outside and still enjoy the view.  The shining of the moon and stars can also be a great way to enjoy your evening.  When creating your space make it one that you will use and enjoy for years to come.